Martinez calls out Senate Majority Leader

Gov. Susana Martinez complained this morning of Senate inaction on some of her legislative priorities.

Here’s an excerpt of some of her comments:

“I applaud what has been going though the committees on the House side. They have passed several bills from the House side, Katie’s bill has gone through. The corruption bill unanimously. Education reform has come through the House. I applaud them for doing it in a bipartisan way. I think you need to ask Sen. Michael Sanchez as to why he is holding back the bills that need to be discussed on the Senate floor because they, some of them, have been there for a week. It’s important for New Mexicans to find out where their legislators are on those bills. I’m going to continue to work with him, and continue to work with the Senate. But they need to start moving those bills along.”

What are the specific bills in the Senate she was referring to, a reporter asked.

“The reform bills, the corruption bill, the educational reform. One of the educational reforms, social promotion, has been on the Senate calendar for over a week,” Martinez said.

Martinez went on to say that she would continue to fight for a re-institution of the death penalty in New Mexico. A bill that would re-instate the death penalty is swimming upstream this year.




About triptothecapitol

Trip Jennings is a Capitol reporter at the Santa Fe New Mexican.
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